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Osta Love are multiinstrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer Tobias Geberth and Leon Ackermann on drums. 

The duo weaves diverse influences into their very own style of indie rock, always adding a dose of melancholic dreamscape to their unique sound, that touches both hearts and heads.

Osta Love really found their voice on the stylistically diverse yet tonally consistent second album The Isle Of Dogs which has been called “a brilliant tightrope walk between catchiness and mystery” (Eclipsed) and ”for the last remaining connoisseurs, incredibly original” ( After releasing the seven minute single Sunset Point, the duo spent the next two years in Berlin’s Paul Lincke Studio, recording their most refined record to date, About Time which was released in 2020 - called it “timeless beauty”.


2022 will see the release of their first EP Wishful Thinking.



Wishful Thinking (EP, 2022)

About Time (Album, 2020)

Sunset Point (Single, 2017)

The Isle of Dogs (Album, 2015)

Good Morning Dystopia (Album, 2013)


We have known each other for quite a long time. Growing up in Heidelberg, we met on our first day of school which was September 11 2001 of all days. When we were about sixteen we started jamming in our standard issue Rock’n’Roll basement and writing riffs that all sounded like Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. In 2010 we moved to Berlin and recorded our first real songs under the name Osta Love. One of our first gigs was opening for Boy & Bear, so we played our (probably pretty under-cooked) rock set to a slightly startled audience, who were in the mood for gentle folk songs...

After gaining more successful live experience and writing more songs, we recorded our first album Good Morning Dystopia which was mostly influenced by 70s Progressive Rock greats from Pink Floyd to King Crimson and the various forms their musical heritage had taken in the hands of contemporary musicians such as Steven Wilson.

We were both studying musicology at that point, which was inspiring in that it exposed us to music we never paid much attention to before, like medieval chorals or 20th century avant-garde composers. We also learned more about music theory and composition and with that new knowledge we wrote our second album The Isle of Dogs. The record was a huge step forward for us, in both sound and songwriting. Most critics agreed, calling it “a grand album that bests the band’s debut” (The Prog Mind), “a brilliant tightrope walk between catchiness and mystery” (Eclipsed) and “for the last remaining connoisseurs, incredibly original” ( 


After Good Morning Dystopia we had teamed up with Marcel Sollorz on Keys and Oliver Nickel on Bass who also contributed to The Isle of Dogs, and as a four-piece we started playing regularly in Berlin. One memorable show was opening for The Pineapple Thief in Dresden.


We then had the opportunity to record at Paul Lincke Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where Tobi worked as an engineer and producer from time to time. After years of recording more or less in a “bedroom-studio” situation, we could finally work with an old Hammond organ, vintage amps turned up to eleven and record drums with state-of-the-art microphones.

After releasing the seven minute single Sunset Point with Marcel and Oliver, the two of us started working on our third album in the studio. We spent two years writing, recording and mixing the songs that ended up on About Time. We like to think that the studio itself is part of the record, nearly every track being recorded in its big live room. But not only are we immensely proud of the sound of the record, we also think we’ve written our best songs to date and managed to put together an album that works as one homogeneous musical journey while still being multifaceted and musically eclectic.

band photo by Amaan Hassen

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