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Osta Love are multiinstrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer Tobias Geberth and Leon Ackermann on drums. 

The duo weaves diverse influences into their very own style of indie rock, always adding a dose of melancholic dreamscape to their unique sound, that touches both hearts and heads.

Osta Love really found their voice on the stylistically diverse yet tonally consistent second album The Isle Of Dogs which has been called “a brilliant tightrope walk between catchiness and mystery” (Eclipsed) and ”for the last remaining connoisseurs, incredibly original” ( After releasing the seven minute single Sunset Point, the duo spent the next two years in Berlin’s Paul Lincke Studio, recording their most refined record to date, About Time which was released in 2020 - called it “timeless beauty”.

In 2022 Osta Love released their first EP Wishful Thinking. and in 2023 the single Summer Movie Scenes.



Summer Movie Scenes (Single, 2023)

Wishful Thinking (EP, 2022)

About Time (Album, 2020)

Sunset Point (Single, 2017)

The Isle of Dogs (Album, 2015)

Good Morning Dystopia (Album, 2013)

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